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A dangerous religion

I wanna talk a little bit about something few people in my circles dare to speak out about because they don’t want to criticize people’s personal beliefs. But we need to dare to talk about this.

In America, 60% of adherents to this conviction favor the death penalty, even though over a third of them have a criminal record of their own. All over the world, domestic violence and sexual violence is running rampant in this group.

Many thousands of mass murders and terrorists attacks every year can be linked to this creed.

Petty crime is also common. Get 25% random adherents in a room, and of them, four will have stolen something worth $50 or more within the past year.

I grew up in a neighborhood where most people professed this faith so I’ve seen first hand what it can do. Yet people who spoke out about it were ridiculed.

It’d be unthinkable to ban this faith that has had its grip around the hearts of every executive cabinet. Even among UN leaders this conviction is widespread.

I’m talking, of course, in the belief that gravity is real.
So the next time you see an apple, watch out. Don’t get fooled.

They say the original sinners never felt a drop of pain until that second in the garden. Then they felt it each and every day.

The mystical forces behind this, and how it causes accidents and plane-crashes, are not well understood by researchers and now some signs are showing that even Einstein’s formulas might’ve been wrong about it.

I, too, believe that things can fall. I’m not onboard with slagging entire groups and falling for us-vs-them thinking and outgroup binding.

It’s also easier to be tolerant of the flaws and faults in our own groups. There, we can more easily recognize individual difference as individual. Almost half of the Swedish electorate voted for the Tidö parties. Yet if I see a rando Swede on the bus, I don’t automatically think “there goes a fascist!” I know that many people oppose the regime. I want to practice the same awareness when I see people from other groups.