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AI art is bad

AI art is bad. Which is fine because then we can have real art which is good.

If AI art ever becomes good, that’s fine too because even though all human endeavor and expression will become meaningless, at least we’ll have some pretty darn neat art to look at while we’re screaming through the cosmos.

Yeah, that’s the bar I’ve set for AI art to beconsidered good or worthwhile. I’m not worried it’ll get there any time soon. AI-assisted art, sure, but humans have used tools for art since Lasceaux.

The camera did strike a pretty huge blow against art. While for example, Millais’ Ophelia is unmatched by the works in its shadow, the camera has also created art, like Star Wars, or The Bride Wore Black.


Oberdada lays this thought out a li’l clearer here.