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Ancom 2020?

I’m not sure I’m still ancom, and I’ve felt that way since the 2007 IPCC report. When it comes to analyzing the problem (the capital and the labor market), then sure, I’m agreeing with as far left as you can possibly go. Caps are on crack.

But I’m not so sure what’s the right solution. TCP/IP and other mass media innovations ushered in a world beyond the imaginings of Smith, Rand, Goldman, Kropotkin, Marx et al.

And climate change is urgent. Yes, the state as is is part of the problem but maybe (not necessarily, but maybe) it can become part of the solution?

We are three corners of a triangle:

all three passing the buck to the other two corners. “Don’t blame us, we’re only doing what the other two corners tell us they want”.

“No one is taking your individual cheeseburger away, Roxxon Oil Inc are solely responsible for climate change” yeah and what are Roxxon spending all of that oil on? Burgers for you my friend. Unless you eat rice & beans like God and Frances Moore Lappé intended. #wfpb

Any one of those three corners could fix it by breaking the vicious circle and coming together w/o any climate scabs. But it’s probably easier for policy makers to lay down the banhammer on polluticorp it than for 10 billion consumers (plus millions of b2b consumers) to all as one sober up and stop consuming. Which is why I’ve put smashing the state on the backburner personally but enh, it’s all up in the air for me.

I just have zero clue (and that’s coming from me, an IQ 275 genius + level four bodhisattva) what the best way forward is, which is why I’m no longer explicitly ancom or syndicalist. Not that I have found anything better.