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When some evangelicals worshipped the wrong guy

The fact that Donald J. Trump fulfills a hundred of the biblical checkbox prophecies for being the antichrist, the interloper, the deceiver—that’s not a reason to become a literal believer in a book over your own eyes and heart. Apophenia can trip you up and people like Trump have existed through the ages.

But it is a reason to call into question all these evangelicals falling at Trump’s feet. They are, once again, making it painfully clear that they don’t read their own book. They worship the one person their book told them to not worship, while they tread upon the people their lamb asked them to lift up and care for.

The point isn’t “Trump’s antichristal existence in this horseman era of famine, pestilence, war, and +2C˚ (probably better known as death), proves that John the Revelator was literally writing with the hand of God and his word has been divinely preserved in its 1611 expression”, (except in the larger spinozan sense that we all are), because arguably apophenia did that.

The point is “these evangelicals need to calm their tits for three seconds and not get swept away by false prophets and instead get with the program of dismantling/replacing/fixing capitalism in favor of love”.