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Atreus Saga, part seven!

Now I’m just so happy with this thing that I feel really, really bad for all the kvetching I did early on.

I had accuracy problems and it’d often give me doubles, like give me ii when I typed i. That has gone away completely and I’m now just accurate and fast, so it has got to have been a pebkac issue with me getting used to the Speed Copper switches.

Also, I overestimated what the “Hold for one function, tap for another” thing could do. I sobered up my layout a bit. I like having access to modifiers on both sides, but, having the number/symbol–layer switcher be a multifunction key was a huge cause of typos for me.

Used to be that on the left I had a “hold to layer switch, tap to tab” and on that key’s mirror position on the right I had “hold to layer switch, tap to slash/questionmark”. These days, the left one is only layer switching (to get tabs I need to Ctrl-I) and the right one is only a normal key for slashes and question marks.

I do have some keys left that are still multifunction that way, but fewer and used more rarely. For example, my layer switcher for getting the function row F1, F2 etc (something I use rarely) is the same as the letter V (a letter I use rarely). But I realized I can’t have the bread and butter keys be weird.

I ditched tab and ret (using Ctrl-I and Ctrl-M to get some more available keys).

My UFO-ified layout