IdiomdrottningA farm animal with purple spots.sponge planetsYRobot riding bicycleAn object that is not a doughnut but is also not a flowerFierce Tortoise ChampionJuice For HumansBlobby things, ones not attached to the floor(Blank)failure three times in quick successionToilets in various stationsA fractalTwo doorwaysGiraffesAn object 1 cm tall that is metallicGravityA river that runs like this - --->What is foodCoffee I Am A Machine That Is Built To Drink CoffeePretzels As A BeingPuddingSpace butterflyLava.The number mSuperior Tea ServiceMouthsTerror MongerEnzyme-Scooped Salad It Is Actually More Than 100% NaturalYou Will Find That You Cannot Escape From This Research StationWhat is it like to be a dog.self-destruct code