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Being up

My new email and RSS routine is efficient… too efficient? I suddenly saved a few hours each day. Instead of spending the extra time on work or books (or both, since my current project is proofing a book for a friend), I’ve been watching boardgame reviews on YouTube and procrastinating.

There is a social component to checking email and RSS, a feeling of “there are other people out there”. Good books can do that too, but there’s an inertia to that, to shifting my mind over to the bookoverse.

Also, for working I need to be up. Not fun. I value laziness. Leaving bed is failing at life. Being up is the same feeling as when you’re playing a racing video game and you’ve got some wheels off the track and you’re trying desperately to right yourself and get on the track before the game catches you and resets you with a time penalty. You’re like “Nooo, I’m out of my element, everything hurts, what are these things called ‘bones’ and ‘muscles’ and why do they creak and crack with every breath!”

No, thank you! Back to the perfect life of sobbing inconsolably in bed like God intended.