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Buoys in the Harbor

The original painting

I tried painting how I see code

(import srfi-1 srfi-42)
(do-ec (: i 1 101)
         (if (any identity (map (lambda (str n)
                                        (if (zero? (modulo i n))
                                            (display str) #f))
                                '(Fizz Buzz) '(3 5)))
             (newline) (print i)))

except this is just a snapshot. In reality I am swimming around with these buoys and they are moving around, floating in the harbor. The water is warm. The map is placing the elems into the proc. The if is selectingly bobbing its two branches up and down with the waves of the dotimes elem. I swim in and out of the lambda which is its own harbor inside of a buoy. All of the references to i are connected with one rope. The imported procs and special forms are roped to their own import statement too. This is all a swirling tangle in the water. It looks weird all static and flat. Not as magical as it is in real life.

Everything in the harbor, every buoy, every rope has its own smell, temperature, texture, sound, motion patterns…

For some reason I feel really ashamed of revealing how I think. Self-conscious of my own mental model of code.

The annotated version