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Relocating Gornate Forest to Burdock’s Valley

OK, def do not read this post if you are playing in an Arden Vul campaign.

It’s for DMs only.

I found that the module The Forest of Gornate fits pretty well in Burdock’s Valley and it’s also for 1e. Hopefully a good mashup.

Here is a new, very sloppily thrown together map for it.

You might have to really zoom in to see some parts. The distances are within the same order of magnitude for the most part. One hex is an hour of walking. Most paths on the original Gornate map are about one-and-a-third hex long.

Also the chasm is double inverted. One, it’s now some rocky ledges instead of a chasm, and two, the locations go counter clockwise instead of clockwise. You’ll manage.

The river is still a river, the road is still a road, there’s some other things that ended up matching pretty well.