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Bush v. Gore

It bugs me when dem media is listing “famous presidential concessions in history” while omitting that in 2000, Gore didn’t concede until Dec 13 (for good reason! I even disagreed with him conceding then, but, it wasn’t much he could do to overturn the court decision).

Yes, Trump’s behavior now is absolutely outrageous and the conspiracy claims are totally bogus and the case is nothing like 2000 in terms of merit. Trump is doing everything wrong and he is mucking things up even more with the Alaska drill and the Iran bomb threat and what not.

We can point out how absolutely horribly wrong Trump, his base, and the GOP are without giving our enemies these easy holes in our argumentation to poke through.

The GOP with their horrible handling of the Garland nomination (in 2016. In March, a full ten months before the Trump inauguration) was one of the most shocking things I’ve seen from a self-proclaimed “democracy”, and their rush-push of ACB put their blatant hypocrisy on full display.

But don’t give me this “Lol, other presidential candidates have always conceded promptly” line of reasoning when it’s not true. Again, I do think Trump has to concede ASAP while I agreed with Gore not conceding (at this point in time) in 2000 because the cases were substantially different, I’m just really disagreeing with the rhetoric.

I don’t want to overstate how much rhetoric really matters, compared to actual horrible and true facts. I get that the map of discourse isn’t the territory of policy. This is more a pet peeve than anything.

I just get really disappointed when “my side” is using bad reasoning and bad-faith arguments. That’s what we expect from the other side, not ourselves.


Holy shit, this post did not age well! The events as they played out made the difference crystal clear. Bush v. Gore was nothing like this!