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Caffeine basics

Humans have an hormone called adenosine.
It tells us when we are tired and need sleep (in order for us to get rest).
Caffeine works by jamming those receptors.

So we grow more receptors, which moves the baseline, so we need more caffeine etc.

Ergo caffeine works when and only when increasing your dose.

Having a daily routine than depends on caffeine is not sustainable because of this.

When quitting caffeine it’s gonna be awful as your body downregulates your amount of adenosine receptors.

My recommendation is to not start using caffeine and get off it if you are on it. It’s gonna be brutal but you reset your baseline.

With a non-caffeinated baseline you can use caffeine selectively, for an exam or something. And then go through the grueling process of resetting your baseline again.

I can’t have caffeine, alcohol or cigarettes b/c various health issues💔 please don’t reproach me for how empty my life has become♥︎

It’s easy for me to be all holier-than-thou and say those things are bad because I can’t have it! I have to rely on horse and acid and good old “inner peace”.