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Call your girlfriend

Robyn has this song “Call your girlfriend” and it’s such a beautiful melody. It’s easy to understand why it’s such a widely-covered and well-beloved song.

But the lyrics are super messed up. “Call your girlfriend and break up with her” basically 💔

How about this instead:

“Call your girlfriend.
It’s time you had the talk.
Give your reasons,
say it’s all OK,
but you just met somebody new.

Tell her you’re excited, having this new love in your life,
and then when she’s stoked, tell her that you love her still.

Then she says “of course” and that she never doubted that and she loves you so much, too,
and it all makes sense at last and she’s still with you, too,
and then she smiles and it’s easy.”

(Of course, it goes without saying that I’m not trying to convince anyone to stay in a bad or dangerous situation. Just that there are three options where Robyn’s song only gives the first two of these: Break up with the old, or just let things be as they are instead of chasing every new sunbeam that crosses your path, or let the new light in because sometimes it’s just right.)