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Central Planning vs Living Systems

I am and will remain an anti-capitalist but whatever replaces it should also be a system. That’s why capitalism thrives, it’s an organism. That’s why it beats planning and steering. Chaos always beats order because it’s better organized (a friend of mine always says that, probably is a quote).

Now, capitalism is an organism that is

Another world definitely is possible. But I wanna see systems level thinking from the left. Especially amoebas that grow and multiply and unite and divide and make capitalism obsolete.

This why crowdsourcing (as just an example) has impressed me. Not that it’s good:

But that it significantly disrupted how we do business. The “capital” part of capitalism. Change is possible. Now we just need ta cook up some systems that are actually good, that actually help the planet and the people♥︎

Computer networks and protocols, for all that field’s Postel gore and malicious actors and Alices and Bobs, are in some ways the perfect model for this, the perfect petri dish where we can hone this kind of thinking.

This is why one of my favorite books is A Pattern Language. I feel like they really get this♥︎