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China’s Western Values

The brutal treatment of the Uyghur population in شىنجاڭ (Xinjiang) is completely horrific. Inexusable and an urgent problem that the global community is correct to react to. A lot of people who have been making excuses for CCP (中國共產黨) are finally over it.

Not to take any genocides from the last few decades lightly, but this one shocks me on the scale level (there’s estimated to be over a million imprisoned) and on the more direct personal level. (I have, while not someone I know personally, a friend-of-a-friend among that million.)

People are over trying to toe to this brutal tyrant regime. Business are finally pulling out and it’s not a day too soon.

Daring Fireball wrote:

It seems inevitable that more and more companies doing business in China are going to run into conflict between western cultural values and CCP demands that run contrary to them.

This way of phrasing it, though, I’m not onboard with. It’s not a lack of “Western cultural values” that’s the problem here. It’s not Chinese people, China as a geography and population that’s the problem. It’s the CCP and their desire for $$$, control, and power.

Exploiting and oppressing majority-muslim populations is hardly something that the Western world, spearheaded by Cheney and Trump, hesitated to do.


A friend wrote me and suggested the following phrasing:

…more companies doing business in China are going to run into conflict with CCP demands.

That’s a better way to put it.