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Coding for yourself is OK

Re: Learning to be a programmer

I’ve made tons of driveby commits since pandemic started. 100 contributions in the last year just on GitHub and probably just as many on other repos.

So “even they can’t read programs written by others without 1000x effort” isn’t literally true.

I also… I think “programming for the household” is actually awesome. Automating our own lives, autonomously, not squeezing our lives into someone else’s automation.

When what we do can be extracted into reusable tools or libraries, that’s great. I’ve started 136 repos on also since pandemic started. Programming for your own needs doesn’t have to end there.

There’s no shame in programming for yourself.

The other day I was pondering if egoism can be used for altruism and in hindsight, the answer’s closer than I would’ve guessed: in FOSS licensing and paying it forward.