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Color mismatch

When a product is available in multiple colors, usually those colors are designed to match each other (which looks good in the ad). They’re all from the same palette.

But people don’t normally get two coffee machines or tablet computers or phones or whatever. They get one.

What would make more sense is for them to mismatch each other but match more kinds of homes. Like…. in a pastel home, maybe pastel pink, pastel green, or pastell yellow would look good. In a neon home, maybe neon orange, neon fuchsia, or neon blue would look good. In a primary colored home, maybe primary red, primary yellow, or primary blue would look good.


But we don’t see a phone or thermos or whatever come out in “pastel yellow, neon yellow, and primary yellow”. Instead, it’s always some weird palette that looks great next to its cousins in the same ad, but looks weird in almost any home.