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Dark Summer

Here in Sweden where I live, we have warm bright summers and cold dark winters.

This year for the first time ever, the meteorological institute (SMHI) reports that even though it’s November, there are several regions where it’s still technically, meteorologically, summer. It’s dark and gray and warm.

One of the dumbest takes on climate change is “Maybe it’s good actually, that humans die, that could be great for all the other animals and species, they could get a breather from us, Earth will recover, never mind all our libraries and semantics”. It’s not just humans that are in danger here.

For example, hedgehogs might mass die this year since they have a temperature-triggered hibernation that usually triggers in October. With delayed hibernation, resources are going to be scarce for them.

So let’s all work together to try to fix the climate stuff


Also this shows that daylight savings time year round is a bad idea. Longer summer doesn’t mean bright winters. It just means that the darkness and grayness is warmer.