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Daywalking Burdock’s Valley

Maybe this is something others can find useful also.

Burdock’s Valley with one big hex per day of walking.

Four variants, speeds times hours. The “30” prefix means three miles per hour (90/30 in old school) and the “20” prefix means two miles per hour (60/20). The 08 suffix means eight hours per day and the 10 suffix means ten hours per day. For 120/40 speed, just use a 20 map but walk two hexes.

For example, if you walk for eight hours every day with speed 90/30, use the dabab-30x08.png map. One hex per day.

We’re still gonna use the normal small hex map for exploring new areas or looking for bandits but this is gonna be great for when we just wanna go between Arden Vul and Bilsham which we do all the time and I’m kinda sick of fiddling with fine-grained hexes when the fun is whether or not we run into anyone. I even forgot to roll night-time encounter’s today’s session because I was so bogged down with counting hexes for the 50th time.

When I first saw the original Burdock’s Valley map having three mile hexes, I was like “This is great! One hex per hour, what could be easier?” and it is pretty great for hexcrawling exploration. I’ve really fleshed out the valley and that’s been so much fun to play and run. But it’s been equally tedious just trying to walk down to Bilsham for the thousandth time. Key to keeping D&D fun is to resolve routine tasks quickly. Here, we can count out the days and then roll that many encounters and scratch that much food and make that many forage rolls.