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Index Cards for OSR

I always had the hardest time organizing my notes for OSR type play. I’ve tried index cards, notebooks, accordion folders, org-mode on digital… now I’ve been back on index cards for a while and it finally works.

For me what finally clicked was the double alpha.

I bought two separate sets of A-Z tabs (for my A7 index card box). One of them is only for places. And almost all cards are sorted by place. If I am looking for an NPC, their card is gonna be under the letter that that city or island start withs. So when a session starts, I can grab all the cards from the letter of the place that the session starts in.

The other set of A-Z is for all other piles of cards. So I have blue A-Z (non-places) and then white A-Z (places).

The Quest Queue is under blue Q for example. Jumlat City is under white J. This makes sense to me because OSR is so spatial.