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I Doubt It

Whenever there are people who doubt the things the rest of us know—when they doubt the moon landing, vaccine efficacy, the curvature of the Earth—I’m like “Okay, a curious and skeptical nature can be good”. As soul-crushing as it can be to have some gaslighting fuck go like “well, actually, sexism doesn’t exist”… some people are just inherently curious and wanna know “how” and “why” about everything and learn everything for themselves and that’s not all bad. Wanting to honestly learn how things really work can be great.

Those same people then three seconds later turn around and ruin it with stating an unwavering belief in some world-wrecking scam like ivermectin or Q or oligarch state propaganda or large scale factory animal ag or proof-of-work cryptocurrency. The three second skeptic whose only reason for doubting the truth is how it contradicts with the lie they’re devoted to.

These last few years of bleach-drinkers and Qultists have really eroded some of the (much-needed) good-faith criticism of the fundamental flaws of a market-driven approach to pharmaceutics. It’s heartbreaking.