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Duckburg Family Trees (Rota vs Rosa)

This 80s Italian duck geneology isn’t canon according to me.

It’s neither OK that Elvira and Scrooge are siblings nor that they are Donald’s parents (kind of contradicts Scrooges early appearances in Barks). It’s even less OK that they are both those things. That book came out in Swedish in 86 (two years after its original Italian publication), I saw it and always wanted to read it, but when I did get a chance to a few years later, in the later eighties, I was super weirded out and not happy. (The Swedish book also contained two Lockman/Strobl stories and they were pretty good.)

The second Rosa tree, on the other hand, might be my canon.

Weirdest part there is that Gladstone isn’t more directly related to Scrooge, given how he’s often presented as a rival heir to Donald or at least someone Scrooge considers to be close family. According to this tree, Gladstone is Scrooge’s sister’s husband’s sister’s son. But OK. You love the ones you’re with, and Scrooge interacts with Gladstone more often than some of his other family members like Della.

I first saw the original version of this in the early nineties and was a lot happier with it than with the Rota version. Rosa always wanted to add Ludwig, but was disallowed to, which is why I prefer this second version. Ludwig is a great character. Him as Matilda’s husband is fine. Some trees put him as instead as a relative of Daisy, and I like that, as long as they are not otherwise related to the duck clan.

Daisy as a sister to Huey, Dewey and Louie’s dad, as per some European editorial office’s family trees, is definitely not OK. Remember, they killed their biological father (Holy Oedipus Quack, Batman! It wasn’t murder one; they pranked him with a firecracker that sent him to the hospital and he later died) before Donald adopted them. So either Daisy would resent them for that or she’d get over it and help Donald take care of them but she does neither, she’s just cool with them. I just don’t want her related to Gladstone or Donald, even as an in-law.

Rosa also didn’t wanna add Fethry but I’m glad he did. A hit and miss character but at least he’s part of the canon.