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Dungeon Outliner

OK, not gonna claim that this is a grand or special thing, but, just made some landscape A4 PDFs with numbered lines to take notes for what happens in dungeon rooms or numbered hexes.

Write stuff like “Statue vandalized” if the party vandalizes a statue etc, “jewels gone”, that kind of stuff.

I’ve gone from writing directly in the modules, to using post-it notes, to this. The idea is to fold it in half and permanently keep it in the book as a bookmark.

I’m gonna use one per chapter, per site, or per level.

I wanted to use Sri’s Fast Book Outliner which are awesome then I got into a fit of Not Invented Here because I wanted 40 lines per page with a big blank area for overflow. But it’s basically their idea.

You can download the PDFs here.

Or grab the Inkscape files by

git clone