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When someone refers to someone else as an “ecofascist” I get pretty darn confused since from the seventies and up to the early 2010s it used to exonymically mean:

a hypothetical type of government which would militantly enforce environmental measures over the needs and freedoms of its citizens

I mean, we need an environment in order to have needs and freedoms in the first place so I’m not sure what kinda logic there’d be in being the freest and neediest citizen on the cinder. Not that I think “militant enforcement” would be a particularly effective form of evidence-based crime-prevention or incentive to not pollute or exploit.🤦🏻‍♀️

From the 2010s on the word “ecofascism” has started to mean actual racists and xenophobes blaming the enviromental problems on immigrants and foreigners. Which is the stupidest movement I’ve ever heard of since that sorta outgroup-hounding fascism is what’s propping up the corporate exploitation machine in the first place.

So as the certified grade-A ditz that I am, I get confused when you’re using the term even when you’re not rhetorically equivocating the former with the latter. It’s either a thought-terminating cliché or it’s some racist assholes who don’t understand that they’re part of the problem. Either way it’s confusing as heck.