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Email Netiquette

The most important rule for email is to live and let live.

Other people are gonna bork up the subject lines, CC you on list mail, be overly verbose or terse, top-post, bottom-post, interleave, fullquote, forget to quote, reply too quickly, too slowly, ask too many questions, too few questions, have annoying signatures etc etc etc. That’s fine.

Get and keep your own house in order with whatever filters and templates you need. Then don’t worry about it.

I love reading advice that’s about dealing with email, like

What I’m over, though, is advice that’s about how horrible everyone else is emailing.

We needed email but people got stressed out and they started flocking to these silo sites like Facebook and Twitter which have a more codified interaction pattern that enforces or rewards brevity, picture tagging, and event scheduling.

If we wanna get people back into email then we can’t be all shamey and gatekeepy about it.♥