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Biography of Ennius c. 239 – c. 169 BC

There once was a poet in Latin
whose lyrical talent would flatten
and listeners shock
when he picked up a rock
and with force to his brain he put that in.

It is said that in Oscan and Greek
his talents were humble and meek
compared to his Roman
where wow, I don’t know, man,
he stoned himself into next week.

He’s renowned as a poetry nerd,
because listen, don’t know if you heard,
his iambs and trochees
would shiver their knees
because he would just shatter a word.

…bored now ♥︎


jcowan had written:

Ennius, the Latin poet, wrote “saxo cere-comminuit-brum”, which translates to ‘with-a-rock [he] br-shattered-ain’. Ennius wrote poems in Latin, Greek, and Oscan, but only his Latin is preserved.

I messed up by having all monosyllabics in the third limerick. You’re supposed to have one mono, one duo.


“Olli respondit rex Albai Longai”
it has been said, but I just don’t know why
he had hexlified buffers
so everyone suffers
when they type M-x sonus-egeriai.