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Avoiding Fascism

With all my “farewell anarchy” talk lately, I need to become super careful to avoid fascism.

Fascism is a rich-gets-richer project that was created to divert energy from the class vs class struggle and instead getting the classes to cooperate vs some nebulous “other”.

The jews, the muslims, the gays, the terrorists, the drug-dealers, the genderqueer, the women, the Mexicans, the immigrants, the fake news, the abusers, the traffickers…

…the gasoline populists…? Whoah, Nellie!

We need to make damn sure that it’s not scapegoated people we go after; it’s institutions, groups, protocols, processses, methods, industries, lobbies.

Traditional ancom is a struggle too, vs the owner class (and intersectional social justice adds in sexists, racists, ableists), and that doesn’t feel fascistic to me. It’s anti-fascistic. Going after the boot that tramples your face forever seems pretty darn legit.

And the fossil industry and lobby is one hell of a boot, one most of us are complicit in and have benefitted from. Those benefits are all illusionary and short term since it’s the Earth we’ve been munching on. That’s what makes this such an unusual and weird problem. We have met the enemy and it is us.