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Four short-term wishes for Fedi

The Fediverse, a.k.a. is a name for mostly-compatible implementations of a protocol that started as ActivityPub. Mastodon is probably the most well known.

One way forward, I feel, is:

I simultaneously want each instance to feel more like a tight-knit, local community (by showing the local timeline, and having each instance have their own style of moderation) while also making it even easier to use one account to follow your favorite Lemmy groups, Pixelfed posters, and fave people from all over, to like and boost posts.

Best of both worlds.

Your own “home” timeline which is a sprawling eclectic selection of all your own faves from all over, and a local timeline that’s what’s going on in your instance right now, maybe the latter doesn’t even show boosts.

This list of four items are all my dreams for the relatively short-term horizon.

Longer term, stuff like Bonfire’s attempt to revive visibility circles is interesting. Making social media a little more social and a lot less world-readable.