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First past the post

You know how in number guessing games, where you win if you guess closest, so if Alice guesses say 254 and I think it’s closer to a thousand, I’m still better off guessing 255 because if it is actually 626, that’s closer to 254 than it is to 1000 so I would’ve lost if I had said 1000?

Sometimes I think that that’s been the effect of Trump on Biden. He’s such an awful president and he keeps getting worse every day. Today’s reaction to the ICC broke my heart, a heart already super broken by his weapon shipments and by his executive office’s fossil-drill-mania. But just like in the number-guessing game, Biden seems to think that as long as he stays on this side of the GQP, he’s cool.

And thanks to one of the timeless classic goof-ups by the US founding fathers, he’s technically correct. The first-past-the-post two-party voting system for the executive branch leads to corruption and evil. US needs election reform and it woulda needed it yesterday given how far over the climate line we already are.