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Adding gemini urls to Pleroma

If you’re admin on a Pleroma instance that hasn’t enabled support for gemini:// links yet (as in: making gemini links clickable from the https frontend of Pleroma), here’s how you do that. You only need to do it once.

If you have Admin FE enabled

(I.e. if you have config :pleroma, configurable_from_database: true enabled.)

Then open the Admin FE in your web browser, go to Settings → Instance → URI Schemes. You’ll see a bunch of Valid schemes already entered, with x:es so you can remove them. You can type in a new one beside them — so type in gemini without the “://”, and then click on what you’ve typed. (My mistake is that I was just hitting enter.)

If you don’t have Admin FE enabled

Then add the following to your prod.secret.exs:

config :pleroma, :uri_schemes,
  valid_schemes: [

This latter method requires a restart of the instance as far as I know, whereas the first method doesn’t.