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gemrefinder -p gemini://your.own.domain/page-with-your-posts

gemrefinder checks Gemini space for replies to your posts.

The current version checks

It only checks titles of posts, and see if they start with “RE: something you’ve started a post title with”.

Your own posts are included, but you can pipe the output of gemrefinder through grep -v to get rid of those.

Using with Urlwatch

Urlwatch is a great match for gemrefinder.

Here is an example config entry that you can add with urlwatch --edit.

name: "replies on Gemini"
command: "gemrefinder -m 60 -p gemini://your.own.domain/page-with-your-posts|grep -v gemini://your.own.domain/"

Then run urlwatch by hand to see if it works, and then add it to your cron jobs.


You can install gemrefinder with

chicken-install gemrefinder

You also need to have gmni in your path.

For source code (AGPL),

git clone


m15o writes in:

I love how a simple convention (RE:) that’s been around for years with email can be leveraged with other tools to create a simple notification system.

Right? It’s not as fool proof as checking for actual backlinks would be, since some people do change the title somewhat, and in that case gemrefinder will miss them. But it worked for me finding your reply right now♥︎

(By the way, I only now realize your site is mirrored on the web and looks stunning!)

That’s very flattering, thank you♥︎


jjm mentions:

and then, tracking who is replying to my posts? This is starting to sound a bit like Twitter… or Tumblr?

I don’t know about that. It’s just nice to be able to take a few days off from constant reloading and save up for a longer cozy reading session, knowing that I can get alerted ro any direct replies right away.

I know peeps hate notifications (not necessarily jjm) but there is something even worse out there: constant checking checking checking. That’s a bad habit I can fall into if I don’t automate.

Update: Cosmos

See also Cosmos, by Skyjake.