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git clarity

I once got the advice to read Pro Git in this chapter order: 10, then 1–9. As opposed to 1–10.

I like that the book has these two routes through it and has put care into both.

There is a certain personality type for whom this works much better, who get confused by flailing around and not knowing what’s actually going on. The “waiddaminute here…” types. People who clean their sink with baking soda and soap. Git is simple and neat and good.♥︎
(Unlike GitHub.)

Some people (like me) have an easier time understanding this than this and for others it’s the other way around.

I don’t know how to drive so the following analogy is fraught but some people need to learn a car from the engine first and others need to learn it from the steering wheel first.

Now, if your takeaway from what I’m writing here is “oh, wow, such-and-such approach to learning git sounds much cooler and the other way sounds like it’s for noobs” (regardless of which you think is which) then I’ve done a bad job; I’m trying to present both ways as legit, but well suited for different kindsa people.

The opposite of saying that one side is an untalented noob and the other isn’t. Instead, y’all are gonna end up with the whole picture, it’s just a question of where you need to start for the learning experience to make sense to you.