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How the repos on this site work

Can’t I just browse the source code?

I might get around to implementing that later. For now, please just use a git client like Magit on Emacs or Working Copy on iOS, or just plain git in a shell.

But I prefer web-based forges, like GitHub!

I’m not too fond of them myself, but many of them can import off-site repos just fine.

For example, here are instructions for how to do that on GitHub.

Here is how to do it on sourcehut.

How do I send patches?

Either git send-email or git request-pull is fine.

Here’s a tutorial for git send-email.

Here’s pyonji, an app by emersion that makes sending a feature branch easier.

Where is the issue tracker?

If it’s security stuff, email me directly.

My GPG key is here.

For non–security-related patches and issues, there’s a public inbox.

But I prefer hg/fossil/jujutsu etc!

I hear they can import or export to git just fine.

If you’re using CVS or some other non–git-compatible VCS, you’re just gonna have to have a .git in parallell with what ever you’re doing in that other thing and commit there too.

Why do you even like git?

I got burned pretty badly by darcs and its theory of patches. Git’s model as a content-addressable file system suits me just fine.♥︎

How can I set up something similar?

How to host git repos.