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Growth (and other problems)

The flimsy house of cards pyramid scheme growth economy is one of the problems of market capitalism. The other is exploitation of the value-add of labor. Wealth disparity, classism, and exploitation can haunt even a sustainable economy.

So externalities (which is what makes the “growth” promise so fake and flimsy) and exploitation are two separate problems of market capitalism that we need to address; some exploitation is of the externalitites loophole and some is of labor.

Money ultimately come from three sources, the first of which is legitimate:

That’s why market capitalism stands to gain as the precariat suffers; it lowers the price for labor so capitalists can buy labor at a profit.

In the US at the time of writing we are seeing prices of housing and consumer goods increasing at a much faster rate than labor; so even as wages are “going up”, they are being outraced by everything else including the value of money itself.

Meaning exploitation of labor is more profitable than ever.
Meaning many workers are suffering.