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Hexcrawling the dungeon

Next time I see or make a dungeon map I wanna overlay a grid of 60′ hexes on top of whatever 10′ or 5′ square grid there is, if any.

To me that’ll be a lot more useful for the exploration turns, or “ticks” as we call them (a tick is ten minutes, a round is six seconds), so I’m gonna call it “tick hexes”.

I don’t need to worry about distance that way, since my rule is that in one turn, you can do searching & interacting in one 10×10×10 cube as long as that is within this or an adjacent tick hex, in accordance with how dungeon speed works in our game.

If someone has speed 20 (or 6 as older editions call it), one hex is fine. If they have 30 (9), one and a half, and if they have 40 (12), two.

This goes for unexplored hexes; once an area is well-known & defended, they can zip through 33 of those hexes in one turn. I guess I have speed 30 (9) in real life because I can walk 51 such hexes in ten minutes.