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The quaint wealth gaps of history

I was at National Museum of Fine Arts the other week and one thing that struck me was the wealth gaps on display. Palaces and kings on some paintings, people dying in the streets on others.

“How quaint”, I thought, as I was thinking that the ultra-rich of today could buy and sell such palaces as if they were peanuts, and it’s still built on the backs of the worker class.

We’re living in the time of the biggest wealth gaps of all time. This has gotten way worse within the last few decades, too.

It’s runaway exploitation.

We have the most messed up environment of all time, too. We have a lot of work to do towards saving the Earth.

I’ve said this a couple of things before, but in practice, capitalism is turning out to be the worst system ever tried. It seems good as we’re in our cushy sofas watching cartoons but a lot of the wealth it creates is stolen from our working poor, from slaves in the prison labor system, from global exploitation, and from our own future generations as we’re plundering the Earth.