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I think I’m paranoid

For all its faults, one neat thing about Watchmen that stuck with me is how the ads change in the end, from Nostalgia to some future optimistic campaign.

I think there’s a lot of truth to that. Not in optimism, but how coldheartedly the money follows fads.

And now that we have brownshirts in the Swedish riksdag it’s making me look suspiciously at all the patriotic products and advertising and songs in mainstream culture. I’m normally super into traditional Swedish folk songs but now is not the time!

Everything from detergent to food to mello songs are reminiscent of the fucking blue eyed Jugend. 🔥⁠🍾⁠⛽️

This is also why I have some amount of understanding (understanding ≠ agreement) for how the enemy is paranoidly thinking that everything we do is “pandering”. Y’all know that in their world if there’s a chick on screen for three seconds, Pandering Panic sets in and they’re calling their Hush Hush Stay Numb anti-woke squad pals for a comfort sesh. But here I am, just as paranoid, staring just as suspiciously at my laundry detergent as they are.

The alt-right (probably better known as nazi fucks) are such a tiny part of society but so are we. If we look up from our Adorno and Foucault and Berman and Butler for a hot minute we’ll see that the winds of change can switch rapidly and subtly and that most people are whimsical creatures of fads.

Pine needles and fresh air and wild strawberries belong to all of us. But when the brownshirted pundits are claiming it all for themselves it’s jarring to see ad campaigns and mass media quickly pivot and bend to accommodate.

The enemy coined the phrase “virtue signaling” but they do it too; we call it “dog whistling”. Both sides are getting super paranoid and eager to scan for clues and shibboleths that someone is cool.

Ain’t a lot I can say about it other than keep those peepers peeled and that cranium cool and don’t get fooled.

Les fachos have a core cult of a few dozen shrewd rattletails and liesmiths, and the masses are just getting duped. Some are gullible, others opportunistic.