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In Swedish politics, the faction (the blue-brown alliance of KD, M, L, and SD) that has claimed “integration and immigration” as their main talking point has policies that are the opposite of integration.

Alienation and segregation.

There’s been a bit of a gap between full citizens vs those with a residency permit (TUT or PUT, our equivalent of US “green card”). The new regime is going to significantly widen that chasm, making it harder to become a citizen and making life even more difficult for non-citizens. No more interpreters, and an uptick in police profiling and stop-and-frisk.

Y’all know I’m always complaining about “hockey team politics” where you’re a li’l bummed when “your team” loses and happy when “your team” wins, but you lose sight of the actual real consequences of the policies and actions of those teams. I’m realizing it kinda happened to me, too, as the coming jackboot dystopia brought on by the Tidö agreement is hitting me.

I never, ever wanna hear anyone aligned with this faction use the word “integration” again. It’s like they’re spitting blood straight into our ears.