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It sucks on screenreaders

Almost everything that I hate on the internet also sucks on screenreaders, but I maybe need to stop using that as excuse since people then ask me stuff as if I were an expert on screenreaders, which I am not.

It’s the equivalent of saying you’re allergic when you just hate the food. Not cool.

The set intersection between things that work well on screenreaders and things that work well with all the scrape-y, hacky, lispy, macro-y, scripty things I love so much is pretty huge. Accessibility is a win for everyone.

And things that get in the way of these tools, and not just the tools as actually applied but the weird semantics hangups I filter every thought and impression through, generally do suck on screenreaders.

Unicode faux fonts, Lisp bindings aligned mid-line, GIFs or ASCII art for fonts, image maps and swf and PDF files, SPA JS web apps…