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Job XP

I’m sick of the gold for XP thing! Here’s what I wanna try instead:


You get XP when you save lives by protecting them from dangerous enemies or traps


You get XP when you spend at least four hours studying (engaging with spell copying or other research), or one hour in a new library.


You get XP from your patron. Commune with them to find out their terms.

Gold seekers

These kits still get XP for gold.


Rawuns get XP from telling their adventures to their house, or their house’s stories to someone new they meet. Barbers and hairdressers get XP from spreading gossip to a paying customer while cutting their hair or tending their wounds.


Priests get XP from ceremonies; the weekly prayer meeting, or weddings and funerals.

Under cover

Holy slayers get XP as per their cover kit, that they’re disguised as, or for when doing missions from their fellowship.