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This is a posix shell script for converting linkhut bookmarks to Solderpunk’s Smol Earth Compendium.

You’ll get a text file; it’s up to you to then place that textfile on Gemini or Gopher.

I’m not telling you to go use linkhut—the Smol Earth Compendium’s own format is much simpler, just use it straight up; this script is only good for people already using linkhut.

It’ll only grab ones with the ‘outdoors’ tag (and remove that tag), and only bookmarks to pages on Gemini or Gopher, and not if they contain a tag that starts with the string “expires-2”. I want to submit more permanent entries.

You’re gonna need an API key for linkhut. Once you have one, create a file in your home directory named .linkhut2outdoorsrc that contains something like this:


You can also optionally put an url to a linkhut instance (defaults to and an out for a file name (defaults to /tmp/outdoors.txt).

Then just run the script as a user that has access to reading that file.

For source code,

git clone