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Two versions of Link’s Awakening on Switch

Link’s Awakening DX was released on Switch (the version with depressing color scheme and the can’t-skip-dialog–bug for Pieces of Power and Guardian Acorns, and some other de-charm tweaks like how dialog changes and stone tablets are now that annoying owl) but comparing DX to the remake on the same device, it’s remarkable how much better all of the DX audio is (instrumentation is crisp and clear, compared to the more muddled sound on the Switch Remake, with “the dropping a toyshop down six flights of stairs” instrumentation of Animal Village a nadir of the latter) and how much faster and more fluid the DX controls are. And also shorter—albeit non-zero—loading times on DX.

The remake only lets you use stick to move, the DX version you can play with either stick or D-pad.

Ironically using the DX version with stick feels much nicer than the remake with a stick. The remake fixes the sqrt(2) issue where in the original, moving diagonally let’s you move 41% fasterthan normal. There’s also no diagonal animation. So small movements and adjustment feel fast and nice on DX whereas on the remake you’re a freight train that needs to get oriented and then get going.

That is primarily a visual illusion since, looking at your core box, it’s not that slow on the remake, it’s just that the visual jitter makes it feel like an ordeal.