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The Low-Hanging Climate Fruit

I’m seeing a lot of “oh it’s great that we discovered these easily-pluggable, low-hanging fruit emitters like methane leaks and diked-out peatlands, yay” and on the one hand, yeah, fixing the low-hanging fruit, the 80/20, the squeakiest wheels is definitively something we’ve got to do…

…we already knew we were in trouble before we discovered these issues and these sites. We need to fix a lot of the normal stuff too.

Here’s an analogy:

You think that you can’t make rent because you only have 200 out of the needed 300. You’re 100 short. You go check your wallet and realize that another 100 bill is missing. You then find that exact 100 bill on the floor next to your shoes, it just fell out as you were putting your keys away. “Yay, I found the 100 I needed!” You did, but you’re still 100 short.

And that’s even if you can find that 100 bill. Some of these emission sites seem like a challenge to deal with. We have our work cut out for us!