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Retro markdown-mode for Emacs

This fork of markdown-mode exists since the commands in the upstream version only works for active regions or transient-mark-mode.

Here is the git issue.

To use this fork, the repo is at

git clone

Or you can use it with straight.el like this:

(push '(idi "" "") straight-hosts)

 '(markdown-mode :host idi :repo "markdown-mode"))

Send patches to

The name of this fork is “retro markdown-mode” since markdown-mode’s commands used to work on normal regions. It used to be possible to select a block of text and hit C-c C-s q and it’d get blockquoted.

Then they changed it to require the region to be active. The reason for that change was so commands could me multipurpose: when there’s an active region, do stuff to the region, otherwise do it to word at point. So C-c C-s i would put stars around the word at point. That was their thinking. That’s nifty, but I haven’t gotten able to get used to that, to hitting C-SPC twice all the time.

The solution I have here is for (use-region-p) to also check if transient-mark-mode is even on. I’ve seen this in vertico and in edit-indirect.

If the issue gets resolved in upstream, that’ll also be the end of this fork. I get that I come across as super petty to make a fork just for one rejected issue but it’s a setting I need in a mode I use daily.