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In the Bostrom sim trilemma I think the first lemma is the most likely (RIP Moore) and the second is also somewhat likely (RIP Buddha [on the road]) — if by likely you mean what I personally would bet on and could argue for, without any real evidence either way — but whenever I learn math or physics or religion I can’t help but filter it through that third lemma.

Like today, I learned about the analytic continuation of the Riemann Zeta (late to the party, I know). And I’m like… to what extent is that true in G-d’s world? Is it a performance hack just for our verse to have infinite series bend around the singularity that way to save on RAM in G-d’s clock? Or is that reflective of the world beyond too?

That’s just an example. Physics, especially if we don’t have susy, is another.

Again, I don’t even subscribe to that third lemma. The entire Bostrom sim trilemma seems to be pretty flawed to me if it doesn’t address sef-recursion (do the lemma three civs dev their own sims? Peace among worlds?)

Even so, whenever I see this angel pinhead counting I’m like… is this just a hack? A skybox? Using a ref-counting GC to implement Matthew 10:29?

Math nerds out there, what is the sum of all ζ(x) for all negative x to -∞? Is it convergent? Asking for both all negative integers and all negative reals, if the answer is different.

If this constant (or pair of constants if the answer is different for real vs int) wasn’t discovered before, name it after me thanks. Sandra’s heart♥︎