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More playing around with the turn order

The reason that the turnorder trick came so easily to mind recently is because I have had an idea for a long time that kind of goes in the other direction, for a simplified “beginner’s Magic”.

Four phases: Untap, Draw, Attack, Play cards

You don’t have to explain the summoning sickness thing, and you teach the good practice of playing your creatures after the attack (not always the best thing, but it’s a good default).

You do lose out on a lot, like playing removal and buffs before the attack for example, and it’s not asynchrous (so it obv works better for paper Magic).

But it’s sooo simple. I’m going to put decks together that can work well with this turn order and test it.

I’ve had this idea for longer that the asynchronous idea, which I guess is still better for a wider release and you don’t give up as much as you do with this variant.