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My political self-caricature

I’ve written about how the right wing denies the problems and the left wing sometimes has no good solutions.

I realize that sometimes, I come across as “Things are bad, but heaven forbid we try to do anything against it.” The privileged position of someone who’s sitting pretty.

Please, know that:

  1. This doesn’t apply to every issue; against capitalism and climate change especially I have some ideas.

  2. To the issues where it does apply, I’m still trying to come up with something good.♥ I just don’t want to mess stuff up.

  3. I know that you are not limited to me as a source of solutions and ideas. I get that if you read this blog you might think that a ton of people care about what I have to say, but basically no-one does. Don’t worry. There’s not gonna be any delusions of grandeur any time soon.