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Ending Spoilers: The Brothers Lionheart and The Good Place

The Brothers Lionheart’s setting is an afterlife, Nangijala, where the eponymous bros go after dying. In Nangijala, they kill themselves again in the belief that they will go to Nangilima, another afterlife.

I’d’ve loved to see them repeat the same schtick there, again and again. As a kid I used to make up names for these next levels. Nangipali, Nangimara, Nangilewa etc etc. That would be their fate. A never ending journey from bad to worse.♥

Lindgren, author of the novel, indicated that that Nangijala itself was a blood pressure related fever dream of the younger brother, and that the brothers’ death in Nangijala was the younger brother’s experience of his own death in the real world. “I can see Nangilima!”

The Good Place, I’m not onboard with the ending.

Accepting death is not the same thing as voluntarily choosing when it should happen.

Also Eleonor’s life is difficult to describe as “good” when she misses Chidi so much. Feels like her decision is driven as much by despair as by finality, and the same goes for Chidi himself. The show, in the end, buys in to the myth of “relief-experience”. Nothingness isn’t a bad afterlife, but the whole “life sux so you might as well kys” thing is distasteful af. Instead, I want to learn to feel that as much as life sux, I might as well try to learn to live, and appreciate it for what it is.