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I’ve had a couple of 180s in my life.

I went from being a copyright zealot to being a copyright abolitionist (this was in 1999 so most of y’all know me after). I realized the limitless potential of sharing & caring. Copyright abolitionism was also my gateway to anti- and post-capitalist politics.

I went from rules light RPG to rules heavy gradually but pretty early on in our 5e experience. Maybe CoS/ToA era. Having engaged players who are into this playstyle makes all the difference.

I went from thinking that “cryptocurrency looks pretty nifty and good, I should get into that” into “ugh it sucks I really dodged a bullet” within like three seconds of joining Fedi. Like, less than three years ago! That’s also a lesson for me: good arguments matter and I was convinced by good arguments. Never just assume you’re preaching to the choir, and always try to reach people. (It helps that A. I love fungibility so NFTs are stupid, B. climate change is like my number one issue, and realizing the race-to-the-bottom of proof-of-work was an instant “OK it’s fucked”, and C. I never had a long position or any sunk-cost, I just thought it seemed niftier than the centralized platforms like Flattr, Paypal, Patreon etc. I get that crypto hatred might seem like sour grapes to those still entangled in its bull and that I was blessed, being able to take a much shorter step.)

Religion! I grew up atheist in an atheist household, but first couple of years of junior high I had a weird take on God as sort of a supernatural presence. The “Santa Claus” / “Superman in the Sky” type God figure that’s the typical straw doll of religious beliefs. I then went through an atheistic, or even maltheistic phase. Until I in my late twenties, early thirties landed in the “God is a pretty good metaphor for nature and its the wonders” gratitude attitude I have today. Physics & evolution are wonderful things and I just wanna keep alive my appreciation and gratitude for this rock on which I stand.

Other changes have not been as 180 and have been more like “duh, I was heading in this direction all along, I just didn’t take the leap fully before.” Things like being bi or eating plants. I’m like “Guh, this is why I hate food and eating, it’s just that I don’t wanna eat meat and butter and eggs, I shoulda realized.” More realizations than changes, or not even changes, like, my parents were into comics and games so me being into games and comics too was pretty inevitable.