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Sweden’s chief prosecutor Per-Erik Rinsell calls the racist inciter’s deportation rants and book burning a “constitutionally protected right”, and calls protests against it unacceptable violence.

If only the book-burning inciter would’ve put his complaints in a Washington Post op-ed instead. Then he would’ve become the Internet’s most hated woman, and sentenced to pay his ex-husband $10000000. That’s one dollar per second in four months.

Instead, he took to the streets of racialized neighborhoods with matches and muṣḥafs, and as a result he’s extolled, enshrined, and protected by the highest echelons of the Swedish legislative, judicial, executive, and informational branches. 💔

He was sentenced in Denmark (reduced to a $700 fine) so he took it to Sweden when he’s elevated by our smug institutions.

Or if only a certain actress would’ve, instead of writing an op-ed, showed up in dozens of cities with a VHS copy of Edward Scissorhands and a lighter and screaming that Depp needs to be deported. Then apparently she would’ve been protected by Rinsell, Andersson, Thornberg, Busch &co.