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RC Character Options

Some ideas on how to adapt RC’s classes to our campaign.

RC has seven core classes and two optional classes:

Species as classes?

So the idea back then was that instead of choosing a species separate from class, like choosing Dwarf Fighter, you’d just choose “Dwarf” and you’d get your class abilities that way.

Two notes on that:

Alternative names

Another way to do it (hat tip to Gurbintroll) is to rename the “Dwarf”, “Elf”, and “Halfling” classes to “Delver”, “Battle-Mage”, and “Scout” respectively and then any species can be any profession, and you don’t get any special abilities for species. That way you can be a dwarven cleric and a halfling magic-user or a human batte-mage or whatever. You get all the simplicity of RC just having one thing to choose instead of choosing Species & Class separately, but you get all the diegetic flexibility of being whatever you wanna be.

I think this makes a lot of sense for Zakhara but maybe not so much for the Wind Wraith world?

Level cap?

Also those three classes don’t have as many levels as the others do. This was called the “demi-human level cap”. But don’t worry, RC has optional rules on p 266 to fix that. I’m OK either way if we wanna use them or not.

AQ Kits

Back in the day I made my own homebrew 5e tweaks of the AQ kits and that’s what we’ve been using, but with RC since it’s more compatible with 2e, we can just use the 2e kits straight up.

But the huge downside of that is that we lose the charm of only having to use a single book.

If we do wanna use them, the kits are in Arabian Adventures p29 through p70.

Also Rawun is bard only so maybe it can’t be selected or maybe the “Scout” class or “Battle-Mage” class can use it.